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How to get a job in Michigan at the Ford Motor Company?

Im going to school to take collision repair and the ford elective class. Can this help me to get a job at the Ford Motor company in Michigan?How to get a job in Michigan at the Ford Motor Company?Dented and scratched parts get recycled, not repaired at the factory. You're qualified for the assembly line, or some position in dealer service shop after completing your courses.
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  • What do you like more, the Ford Escape or the GMC Terrain?

    They look about the same in price, size, and basic style. The GMC might have more standard features. But Ford quality might be better overall.

    Which of these vehicles do you prefer?What do you like more, the Ford Escape or the GMC Terrain?Definitely the Ford Escape. We have a 2001 Escape. Got it a year ago with 80,000 on it and have had no problems. Regular maintainence only. 20 mpg intown , all wheel drive v6.

    GM has quality issues and has had for many years now.

    Sure the Terrain is all new.Same old crappy engineering and crappy GM spec'ed parts .

    Quality and reliability - go with Ford.

    What is wrong with my 1997 Ford Expediton?

    I have a 1997 Ford Expedition with about 93,000 miles and it won't start. I had to get a jump on Friday afternoon and it was fine. I started it up on Saturday but didn't drive anywhere and now today, Sunday nothing. I tried to get a jump but it did not work this time. My remote won't even work to unlock the doors. The radio kicks on but each time I've tried to start it and the headlights are not coming on. The daytime running lights usually pop on as soon as I put the key in the ignition. Could this just possible be a bad battery. THere is some corrosion ont he battery terminals but it is not excessive. The first jump took but the second one won't. I am unsure how long the battery has been in the car because I have not had it that long. Funds are tight and I am hoping that this won't be an expensive fix. Any suggestions out there. I intend on purchasing a new battery on tomorrow.What is wrong with my 1997 Ford Expediton?It's a FORDWhat is wrong with my 1997 Ford Expediton?
    To be honest, it sounds like the battery. If it happens again get a charging system test done at a reputable garage.What is wrong with my 1997 Ford Expediton?if the terminals are corroded then it cant take the charge.try cleaning them and put some grease on them to keep them from corrousion.if that doesnt work,before you go and buy a new battery have auto zone check the alternator to see if its ok,then if its ok,i would say its the battery.
    dont get a new batter try a new carWhat is wrong with my 1997 Ford Expediton?the only chance you have is to remove the battery cables from the battery,clean both,battery cables %26amp; battery terminals,replace them,see if your battery will take a charge....slow charge if posible.......then try......if your battery succesfully took a charge %26amp; still nothing then you will have to start tracing your electrical know if your battery has taken a charge,or is any good at will need a battery break down voltmeter.What is wrong with my 1997 Ford Expediton?
    Any amount of corrosion on the battery cables will mess it up. Clean them off very good and try jumping again and seeing how long it will last. if it doesn't, then get a new battery.
    Before you go charging down to Crap-Mart try this. If you have another car take the battery out and put it in the Expedition, if it still won't start then you know it's probably not the battery. Also, any parts store that sells batteries should be able to test your old one.What is wrong with my 1997 Ford Expediton?
    Your battery has a dead cell. You will need to replace the battery.
    yes get anew batt it is about time car is ten year old batt life span is five every thing you said tell it is a batt problem
    most definitely sounds like bad batt.

    What is it when a 2000 ford focus is stuck in second gear?

    i was looking at a 2000 ford focus and it is stuck in second gear. i dont know if it is the clutch, transmission or a broken connection somewheres. any suggestions would be great thank you very much!What is it when a 2000 ford focus is stuck in second gear?It's the transmission

    It happened to my b*tch of an ex boss and she had to have her whole tranny replaced

    How do you feel about President Ford pardoning Nixon?

    Do you think he should have been pardoned? Why or why not? How does the act of pardoning reflect on President Ford's reputation? Please give examples to support your opinion.How do you feel about President Ford pardoning Nixon?It does not necessarily matter as to whether or not he was pardoned because Nixon was not the only President to do scandalous things...he just got caught. This country's government is full of corruption and scandals that the government covers up. I think he should have been pardoned. Because why waste tax money to put him in prison. He stepped up and resigned as President. Isn't that enough. And Jimmy Carter pardoned all those soldiers who went AWAL in Vietnam. That is no different. Really it saved the tax payers money.

    And to the person above me: Gerald Ford wasn't elected VP. He was appointed after Sparrow was forced to resign as Nixon's VP. So really Nixon's term(s) as President were very scandalous.How do you feel about President Ford pardoning Nixon?It is not a question of Nixon's need to be pardoned. You are boxing your question to preconceived answers. President Ford was defending America against Russia. This country continues the peaceful transition of power, based on the people. No other country recognizes the will of the people as America does. The pardon of President Nixon was an act of geopolitical purpose. That act helped to preserve the continuity of power and show the world how "clean" the US government is. A "rebellious" act by congress and the FBI are squelched and America did not screw up by electing President Ford as Vice President. Close your personal ethics and investigate the instant in time. A choice, at that high office, requires greater investigation and consideration before personal ethics are utilized. The election of President Carter is an example of President Ford's reputation. Remember, peaceful transition of power and the clarity of a free people to rule themselves.How do you feel about President Ford pardoning Nixon?well it didn't help ford at all, but no one really wanted to put an ex president of the US in jail.

    even if it's where he belonged.

    then jimmy carter came along, and pardoned all the young men that left the US rather than fight

    in viet nam. one good turn deserved another

    How do I pair my cell phone to blue tooth on my 2008 Ford Mustang?

    I have a 2008 Ford Mustang with the bluetooth option. I can pair my device with other handsfree headsets. But I try to run it on my car and it dosent seem to find anything. I have also looked in the cars manual and found nothing. Please help!How do I pair my cell phone to blue tooth on my 2008 Ford Mustang?you don't. 08 mustang DOES NOT have sync as an option.

    sync is available ONLY in the focus, fusion, taurus, taurus X, explorer, edge, and expedition this year.

    your radio has a phone button, but that is only because ford uses a generic face for the head unit.

    your sales professional should have let you know that up front, and i am sure if you contact them, they will tell you the same.How do I pair my cell phone to blue tooth on my 2008 Ford Mustang?Thank you I have been searching for that answer for weeks I have 2008 Mustang and been trying to pair my phone wow that sucks but thanks again for great question

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  • How many miles will a 2003 Ford Focus last for?

    I'm looking into buying a 2003 Ford Focus with 93K miles. It appears to have pretty good mpg and safety ratings, but I can't find its average lifespan in terms of miles. I'm a junior in high school and I need this car to last me until I graduate college with an average of 6K miles driven per year. Can anyone tell me if it will?How many miles will a 2003 Ford Focus last for?it depends if the prior owner maintained it properly. regular oil changes are critical. have a friend that knows about cars look it over before you buy it. 93K is alot of miles and alot can go wrong with a car that has that many miles on it.